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Corporate profileShenzhen Beimei pharmaceuticals Co. Limited is a well-established, innovation-driven specialty pharma with a focus on pediatric prescription medicines in China. The company was established in 2004. It is a Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, a Small and Medium-Sized Scientific and Technological Enterprise, and a National High-tech Cultivational Enterprise.In the past 14 years, the company has been developed from the initial regional agents to having our own centralized research and development, manufacturing and medical services. The company has achieved sustainable and rapid growth with a turnover compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.74% for past five years,and the company's turnover was approximately RMB 100 million in 2018.The company is committed to offering competitive products and services to meet China's unmet medical needs. The company focuses on the research and development and Licensing-in pediatric prescription products. So far the company has formed an ...
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    2017 - 01 03
  • 舒他西林干混悬剂多中心临床研究方案讨论会

    2016 - 12 09
  • 中华医学会第二十一届儿科学术大会圆满结束

    2016 - 10 24
    2016年10月20-23日,中国儿科一年一度的学术大会在珠海国际会展中心召开,大会由国内外知名的儿科专家就儿科领域的最新研究热点、前沿问题作专题报告,各专业的热点问题作深度讨论。 ...
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  • Corporate culture
  • Corporate culture

  • Shenzhen Beimei pharmaceutical co., Ltd. specializes in promotion, marketing and selling of pediatric medicines and medical devices in China. Our network covers more than 46 cities throughout China.


    We are following the core values of "sincerity, fairness, respect and struggle". We will do our best to devote ourselves to the health of children in China.

  • Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Corporate culture

    Cultural force is the source of core competitiveness of enterprises. The corporate culture reflects a spirit that is committed to material, a life attitude of business philosophy and self-transcendence. Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, healthy development" , follows the core values of "sincerity, fairness, respect and struggle" ,and carries forward the spirit of "science and technology culture, innovation era", to make contributions for the Chinese pediatric pharmaceutical industry .


    Corporate philosophy - people oriented, healthy development

    Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. advocates "people-oriented" as the core management philosophy, respects people, encourages people, cultivates a new generation, improves the staff’s responsibility, sense of mission, associates staff with the enterprise, let employees feel the company like a big warm family and regard the enterprises as their career and mission in life; The enterprise is also like a kind of mother, loves each employee, creates the staff a warm home!

    The company has established the relationship of integrity, trust, fairness and harmony between the enterprise and the customers, the enterprise and the contract partners, and develop harmoniously together with all.


    Core value - sincerity, fairness, respect and struggle

    Enterprise's core values determines the development of an enterprise. Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. treats every customer and the product with the most sincere attitude, with a fair attitude in the face of each competitor, in order to respect everyone's effort and intellectual property rights. With the hard drive to motivate every struggle of youth, Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. follows the enterprise core value as the guidance, improves the enterprise , expands the scale of the enterprise!


    Corporate spirit -- technological culture, innovation era

    Corporate Spirit promotes the science and technology culture, with the development of science and technology era, enterprises will also keep pace with The times, keep up with the pace of science and technology, innovation is the source of science and technology, the innovative new products, new ideas, new concepts, will also spur the enterprise and the staff to develop forever in the new starting point, pursuit, create Beimei Pharmaceutical innovation spirit, to be the world’s leading enterprise in pediatric pharmaceutical industry!

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