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Beimei Pharmaceutical,Focusing on children's prescription medicines

Company Overview

Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ( Beimei Pharma ), has been granted as a National High-tech Enterprise and a Shenzhen Innovation-driven SME Enterprise. Beimei Pharma specializes in pediatric prescription medicines,  integrating full-spectrum capabilities of R&D, manufacture, commercialization and global cooperation, driven by the core strategy of self-development and global collaboration via in-licensing, asset purchase acquisition etc. Synergizing with the manufacture base in Liangyungang to fulfil sufficient production and global supply of diversified special formulations for children's medications, Beimei Pharma is aiming to provide pediatric patients with high-quality and full range of medicines.


Beimei Pharma has more than 40 pediatric drug products in portfolio and pipeline, including 4 approved drugs launched in the market, and several innovative drugs with global rights and independent intellectual property rights. The current pipeline covers the therapeutic fields of dermatology, respiratory, gastroenterology, anti-infection, neurology, neonatal, endocrinology, etc. Beimei  Pharma aquired the asset of TWYNEO® in China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) and Israel on May 15th, 2024, strengthening its dermatology pipeline. TWYNEO® is the first and only FDA-approved fixed-dose combination of tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide cream for the treatment of acne vulgaris in adults and pediatric patients nine years of age and older.


Beimei Pharma has established long-term partnerships with multiple large international pharmaceutical companies, such as Hetero, Cipla, Deva, Dr. Reddy’s, LTS, MedPharma, Synthon, EMP, NTC、Syrimed, Sol-Gel, etc.


Beimei Pharma has completed the Angel Round, Round A, Round B/B+ and Round C financing with hundreds of millions of RMB. Beimei Pharma gained recognition from many well-known investment institutions, including Efung Capital and the industrial parties.

  • 30+
    Pediatric Products
  • 11
    Class II Innovative Drugs
  • 100+
    Technical R&D personnel
  • 3000
    Beimei R&D Center for Pediatric Medicines

Corporate Culture

Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adhering to the business philosophy of "People-oriented, Quality First, Sustainable Innovation, Integrity Service", following the core values of "Adventurous, Earnest and Impartial, Inquiring and Sharing, Professional and Efficient", with the goal of becoming the leading enterprise of pediatric prescription medicine in China, provides Chinese children patients with products in convenience, accurate-dosing, excellent taste and high-quality.
  • Business Philosophy
    People-oriented, Quality First, Sustainable Innovation, Integrity service
  • Core Values
    Courageous and Adventurous, Earnest and Impartial, Inquiring and Sharing, Professional and Efficient

Core Team

Claire Wu

Founder / CEO / General Manager

Majored in Business Management at Shenzhen University, and EMBA at Tsinghua PBCSF

Founded Beimei Pharmaceutical in 2010, dedicated to establish the Chinese top brand of "Beimei Pediatric Medicine".

More than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and sales, with a keen sense and unique understanding in pharmaceutical R&D, commercialization, and international cooperation.

  • Peng Ren
    Deputy General Manager / Chief Technology Officer / PhD
  • Ivy Zhou
    Deputy General Manager / Chief Commercial Officer
  • Joy Li
    Deputy General Manager/ General Manager's Office


Dec 2023

Oselavir®, PRESOMID® and LANCOVUL®  successfully listed in 2023 National Reimbursement Drug List

Nov 2023

PRESOMID®, “Beizesi”®, LANCOVUL® successfully won in the ninth round of National Pharmaceutical VBP

Aug 2023

 LANCOVUL® (Lacosamide Oral Solution) approved for marketing

Jul 2023

Completed the C round financing of tens of million, invested by Jiangsu Jinqiao Private Fund Management, Nanshan SEI Investment and Panglin Group

Jul 2023

The first self-developed product, “Beizesi”® (Atomoxetine Hydrochloride Oral Solution), approved for marketing

Jun 2023

Beimei Pharmaceutical production base (Beimei Pharmaceutical  wholly-owned subsidiary - Jiangsu Beimei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) was successfully settled in Lianyungang Free Trade Zone, International Pharmaceutical Innovation Industrial Park

May 2023

Obtained Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Apr 2023

Beimei (Shenzhen) Innovation Centre put into service

Mar 2023

Oselavir® (Oseltamivir Phosphate for Suspension) successfully won in the eighth round of National Pharmaceutical VBP

Mar 2023

Awarded with the title of Shenzhen Innovation-driven SME Enterprise

Feb 2023

PRESOMID® (Esomeprazole Magnesium for Delayed-Release Oral Suspension) approved for marketing

Dec 2022

Passed the certification of National High-tech Enterprise

Dec 2022

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with SyriMed, UK for a children's skeletal muscle relaxation oral solution

Dec 2022

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with Cipla for one newborn-specific product

Sep 2022

New office (2000m2) of the Shenzhen headquarters put into service

Aug 2022

Beimei's new warehouse put into service (GSP-qualified area of 3000m2)

Jul 2022

Reached strategic co-operation with Aosaikang Pharm Group

Jun 2022

Guangzhou office established

May 2022

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with Synthon, Netherlands for one product approved and launched in Europe

Apr 2022

Completed B+ round financing of tens of millions, led by Efung Capital

Feb 2022

February: Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with Dr. Reddy's for one FDA-approved and marketed product, which was the first FDA-approved ANDA

Nov 2021

Global co-development of an innovative dosage form product with Med Pharm, UK

Oct 2021

Oselavir® (Oseltamivir Phosphate for Suspension) approved for marketing in China

Oct 2021

Global co-development of an innovative dosage form product with LTS, Germany

Sep 2021

Completed B round financing of tens of millions, led by Efung Capital, followed by Lianrun Fund and other investors

Jan 2021

Completed A Round financing of tens of millions by Xinhao Investment Group

Dec 2020

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with Deva Holding A.Ş. for one product that has been approved and launched in Europe

Oct 2020

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement in China with Cipla for two FDA-approved products, including Esomeprazole Magnesium for Delayed-Release Oral Suspension which is the first FDA-approved ANDA

Sep 2020

Signed up an exclusive license and supply agreement with EMP Pharma for an innovative oral solution in China

Apr 2020

Beimei R&D Center for Pediatric Medicines officially put into use

Jun 2019

Signed up license and supply agreements with Hetero on four FDA-approved prescription drugs for children, including Oseltamivir Phosphate for Suspension

Feb 2019

An angel round of investment individually by Mr Wang Jiannan with the amount of 10 million RMB

Feb 2019

Signed up a license and supply agreement with Workhardt on one FDA-approved prescription drug for children

Jun 2018

Established an employee shareholding platform accounting for 15% of Beimei Pharma

Mar 2018

Invested in self-developed project BMR03TM, in cooperation with Guangzhou Renheng Pharm

Jan 2018

Invested in self-developed project BMR01DL, in cooperation with China Pharmaceutical University

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